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If you’re scared of being in deep water or just tired of taking lessons that get you nowhere then you’ve come to the right place. The truth is, most swimming pools don’t want you to succeed. They are a business first, teacher second. Their goal is to make as much money as possible off potential customers like you, which is why they charge so little and yet, make you enrol again and again and again. 

If this story sounds familiar you’re not the only one. It’s the slow knife that gets many new swimmers. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years until finally one day you realize like I did, that you’ve been duped all along. It should NOT take years for you to learn how to swim. It shouldn’t be this difficult or frustrating to the point where you’re failing to learn it again and again. In fact, with the right game plan, consistent practice and enough determination, anyone can swim within a couple of months at MOST.

How do I know all of this you say? It’s because I’ve witnessed this with my very own eyes. After years and years of learning to swim and later teaching students of my own that I realized how bloated and ineffective lessons at your local pool really were. Too many students, not enough individual attention, generic drills and pointless exercises that lead nowhere. Not only that, I later realized a lot of swim teachers hired by pools were not even qualified enough to teach. To become a good teacher requires years and years of experience at getting results, something a lot of young, naive, still in college, swim instructors severely lack.

After years of swimming and teaching at local pools I finally saw the truth and knew that if we were only taught the important stuff, the stuff that REALLY mattered when it came to swimming and discarded what was useless, most people could swim within a fraction of the time. So one day I quit the business and ended up teaching students on my own as a swim coach using my own techniques. This was the period in my life when I really unlocked a lot of secrets.. stuff that pools DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.. stuff that will save you a lot of time, money and stress learning this sport.

Fast forward to today and thousands of successful students later I can say without a doubt that this program: 7 Day Swim is made to get YOU results in the water FAST!

Introducing the 7 Day Swim Program

  • STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION: Simple, quick and easy to follow video tutorials aimed at teaching you how to swim in the shortest amount of time

  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: Instant access anywhere you go with downloadable lessons from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

  • 24HR ONLINE SUPPORT: Lifetime access with 24 hour 7 days a week online support guaranteed to help you succeed throughout your journey

Your Instructor

  • Justin Patrick

    Justin Patrick

    I’ve been a swim coach for over 15 years with past clients including navy seals, athletes, cabin crew, rehab patients and more. Before that, I was one of the worst swimmers in my class. As a child, I grew up fearing the deep water and struggled a lot in every class I attended. It took me years and years of practice, mistakes, and self discovery in order to become the swimmer that I am now. If you are a beginner or struggling to swim, I am happy to say that you are not alone. I am here to help guide you through every step towards success on your swimming journey.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to the course!
    • Need Private Coaching?
    • Course Instructions
    • Just Keep Swimming | eBook
    • Lesson Plans | Downloads
    • Make $$$ Become an Affiliate
  • 2
    DAY 1
    • Day 1 Part A | Blowing Bubbles
    • Day 1 Part B | Recovery Stance
    • Day 1 Part C | Front Float
    • Day 1 Part D | Back Float
  • 3
    DAY 2
    • Day 2 Part A | Front Glide
    • Day 2 Part B | Back Glide
    • Day 2 Part C | Flip Glide
  • 4
    DAY 3
    • Day 3 Part A | Front Kick
    • Day 3 Part B | Back Kick
    • Day 3 Part C | Flip Kick
  • 5
    DAY 4
    • Day 4 Part A | Frontcrawl Arms
    • Day 4 Part B | Side Breathing
  • 6
    DAY 5
    • Day 5 Part A | Frontcrawl Advanced
    • Day 5 Part B | Frontcrawl Continuous
    • Day 5 Part C | Headup Frontcrawl
  • 7
    DAY 6
    • Day 6 Part A | Breaststroke Arms
    • Day 6 Part B | Whip Kick
    • Day 6 Part C | Breaststroke Complete
  • 8
    DAY 7
    • Day 7 Part A | Dolphin Kick
    • Day 7 Part B | Sculling
    • Day 7 Part C | Combining Strokes
  • 9
    • Bonus 1 | Backcrawl
    • Bonus 2 | Butterfly
    • Bonus 3 | Flip Turn
    • Bonus 4 | Diving
    • Bonus 5 | Treading Water
    • Bonus 6 | Deep Water Swimming
    • Bonus 7 | Swimming
  • 10
    Next Steps
    • I Want You To SUCCEED!

  • The number of quarter hours in 7 days was closer to the a...

    Sandra Schettler

    The text was excellent. My 71 year old brain was slow in absorbing the information, and my lazy muscles had to attain muscle memory of the physical requirem...

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    The text was excellent. My 71 year old brain was slow in absorbing the information, and my lazy muscles had to attain muscle memory of the physical requirements. Explanations were wonderful. The videos of what the swimmer (Justin) was experiencing were at my level, as I could see what my body was supposed to do from his visual perspective. An amazing opportunity for learning how to swim. 5 stars.

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  • What's included in this course?

    Upon signing up you get instant access to short and simple video tutorials and downloadable lessons plans yours to keep and take to the pool.

  • I can't swim at all, will this course help me?

    Yes, this course takes you from complete beginner all the way to swimming on your own with step by step instructions for you to follow

  • I have more questions...

    Please visit the FAQ page: https://7dayswim.co/faq/

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